Sunday, March 19, 2006

French Quarter Paintings

French Quarter Balcony

Many of my paintings are familiar places in the French Quarter. Initially to get inspired I would purchase old used postcards and then go to that spot in the Quarter to see how the place changed over the years. Other than trees growing taller and bushes bigger the buildings have remained the same. I guess due to the work of the preservation groups. I would then take photographs to get the details of the location and go back to the studio and paint from my many pictures. I would then add in the moon and stars in some to make the painting a starry night style of composition. The above French Quarter Balcony was inspired by one of the old postcards and several photos taken in that same spot for many years. Including several of my own. It is used on the cover of a paperback book titled 'Po-Boy' by Alice McDaniel.
Recently I went back to Jackson Square to see what changes Katrina made. Some trees and bushes are gone opening up the view to the Cathedral. As soon as I can get to a studio to paint I will have new angles that were once blocked by trees and bushes. I like the more open view of the buildings that existed in the early 1900's before the trees blocked all the unique views of Jackson Square. Look for some more paintings this time next year as I rebuild or relocate Fig Street Art Studio.