Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Picasso Style Cubism: The Kiss and Woman Drinking

 I worked on several Picasso style cubism faces. One called 'The Kiss" another "Woman Drinking". I like both and will try my hand at more.

Woman Drinking Abstract Cubism Posters
Woman Drinking Abstract Cubism Posters by figstreetstudio
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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Abstract Cowboy and Horse
 I have done several abstract cowboys and horses inspired by other cubism art.  This one evokes the Old West side shows of Wild Bill and others.

This cowboy seems lost in a desert.

Symbols of New Orleans: Cathedral and Banana Trees art print

In all my New Orleans art I try to use the every day symbols of my city. Like this Cathedral and Banana Trees print I use the Water Meter Cover, Steam Boats, Oysters, Crawfish, and other images unique to New Orleans. I have been told several times my New Orleans art captures the feel and soul of my home town. Living here over 60 years has impressed me with a feel for what is unique in New Orleans.

Oysters and Satsumas Fauvist Still Life Tiles
Oysters and Satsumas Fauvist Still Life Tiles by figstreetstudio

Oysters and Satsumas are things we find in New Orleans in the fall. I need to do more combinations like this one. I love both of these Louisiana products.

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