Monday, April 20, 2009

Misssissippi Queen, Under The Hill in Natchez MS

Natchez is the oldest small town on the Mississippi river. Natchez was the first capital of the Mississippi Territory in 1798. Natchez Under The Hill was a boat landing established for the boats to unload and load. It was a rough spot with bars and boatmen for many years. In 1837 the merchants of the town of Natchez made an effort to clean up the area with the help of a storm finally the rough Under The Hill area tamed down. The Mississippi Queen was built in 1976 and has cruised along the mighty Mississippi river, it has been out of service but scheduled to begin trips again soon. The painting was done from a photo taken while the boat was docked Under the Hill taking on supplies.

The Mississippi Queen River Boat moored at Natchez, Ms under the Hill in 1998, painted by JK Schwehm, New orleans artist. This acrylic painting can be purchased on the web printed on paper or canvas. The original not for sale it also appears on note cards and a book cover. Prints are available at

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Un-Official Symbols of New Orleans

Interest has gained since Hurricane Katrina in two unofficial symbols of New Orleans, the Fleur De Lis and the New Orleans Water Meter Cover, both are things I have used in my art for many years.

The Ford Box Water Meter Cover was designed in 1920 just to be different for water meters used in New Orleans. The designer does not claim ownership of the design and artists for a long time have made it into art, hats, ornaments, and jewelry. There are several other water meter cover designs in New Orleans but the favorite is the Star and Crescent design.

The Fleur de Lis, originally the symbol of the French Kings since Clovis is said to represent a Lilly or the Christian Holy Trinity. The official flag of the City of New Orleans does have three fleur de lis on it and I have the flag on gift items I sell from my web page. In an effort to be different I also took the Water Meter Cover design and adapted it in several ways and colors. The unique styles, rectangular, blue, green, and other adaptations are all sold on various gifts from my web page. Many different Fleur De Lis are also sold on gifts. I believe I am the only one to have the Water Meter Cover on shoes and neckties too. Although as each day passes I notice more and more copies of my designs sold by other places. From clocks, to shoes I have many New Orleans symbols on my web page at

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuba Head: The Cartoon Tube Head Man

Recently friends asked I make a funny face person who goes all over and visits places for a t-shirt series. I devised "Tuba Man" a tube headed face that carries on its head a Tuba. Why you may ask? Well it fits on the head I drew. Have you ever seen a Marching Band? The tuba players look as if they have a Tuba Head. And the head also carries other things nicely, like a fish for Biloxi and chain saws for Friday the 13th. It is all in fun and makes a comical design for shirts, hats, posters, and magnets. All things I sell a lot at Fig Street Studio. Take a look at all the "Tuba Head" cartoon designs at-