Friday, October 29, 2010

Red Neck Christmas Card from

Red Neck Christmas Card from

Red Neck Christmas Card card
Red Neck Christmas Card by figstreetstudio
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thousands of great gifts online
New Orleans Art on porcelain Christmas Ornaments from Fig Street Studio:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Many T-Shirts Do You Own?

As most all of you know not only do I do art, paint in acrylics, I do crazy t-shirts. I started out wanting a few shirts based on ideas I had in the '60's in college. Like my "Star Spangled Banana". I actually silked screen them on a screen I made. Later on my kids and I did shirts using those iron on decals with designs we came up with also based on food. (I wish I could find those 3 shirts now!) Then when I retired the creative juices had time to flow. Not only did I do art for cards, something else I silk screened in college, but the old t-shirt ideas came back and funny designs flowed.I am not sure how many designs I now have but it is a lot.

I have never really counted all the t-shirts I own but I can say I have several dresser draws full and a lot of old ones hidden in a box in the closet. I also have a lot I use as rags after they are too ragged to wear. I am not sure I can even get an accurate count. I think printed t-shirts are an American Cultural Icon. I believe I have seen a book written on the subject too. Which makes me wonder how many t-shirts do you own???

Monday, October 25, 2010

Plan a "Second Line" at your wedding

Plan a "Second Line" at your wedding-
Today many "Wedding Second Lines" are pre planned with the couple having in hand a special umbrella printed with name and date and napkins preprinted also for the guests. Umbrellas can be found at this link on the web, Second Line Umbrellas, or if you are in New Orleans at Shushans in the French Quarter. Printed napkins can be found here on the web too. Just like "Gumbo", "Blacked Red Fish", and other New Orleans traditions a " Second Line" can be found most anywhere. Just plan it out with umbrellas and white napkins.