Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where YAT with Fleur De Lis Bumper Sticker

Where YAT Fleur Bumper Sticker from

Yat Dialect
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Yat is a unique dialect of English spoken in the Greater New Orleans Area. The term refers to those people who speak with the Yat accent and dialect of White New Orleanians. The name comes from the common use amongst said people of the greeting, "Where y'at?" (Where you at?), which is a way of asking, "How are you?" The Yat dialect has its influences from Louisiana French and Southern American English, particularly Older Southern American English. While the term Yat is usually reserved specifically for the strongest varieties of the New Orleans dialect, the term often refers specifically to speakers of Yat in some parts of the city and the inner suburbs of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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