Thursday, March 10, 2011

Renew Wedding Vows In New Orleans

 Renew your wedding vows in romantic New Orleans. Several historic spots are available to  again promise endless love to one another in the French Quarter. Easier then your original marriage, a vow renewal does not require paperwork or a license but a certificate can be done to show you again renewed your marriage vows. Just e-mail Chaplain JK Schwehm for details on how, where, and when you too can re-affirm your commitment to be man and wife. Information is found on the New Orleans Weddings web page at

A wedding vow renewal ceremony  can be a  reaffirming family moment for you and your children who may not have witness the original ceremony. As husband and wife it is a time to renew and reflect on your journey as a married couple over the years.  You can make your vow renewal ceremony as creative and personal as you desire from the samples found on this link: or craft your own from your original or a favorite poem.  

 New Orleans Weddings are fun, easy, and romantic. Renewal of vows is a way to celebrate your life long commitment to one another in a historical setting.

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